Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Now you can see the reviews in the ranking

From today when you visit FollowFriday.com you will realize that something is different in the rankings. The reviews are now visible next to each profile and in all listings.

The idea of these comments is that the recommendations #FF don’t get lost in time like tears in the rain. The ranking is updated every week, but the reviews will live on, forever! FollowFriday.com is planning for the future to give weight to the reviews in the global ranking.

Between all of us we can enrich the profiles of our preferred tweeps so that future visitors to these profiles can learn more about what they tweet and how they do it.

Have you ever done a review? It is very simple, you just have to visit a profile on FollowFriday.com and answer the question “Why should I follow @username?”. This functionality should not be used to offend, insult or make destructive comments.

Other novelty is that, apart from the World and the Celebrities rankings, you will quickly see the listings in your country and your language.

From today you will also see that we have added other languages in the rankings by language. Apart from English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian and German, you will find listings in Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.


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