Monday, June 6, 2011

An English campaign to end animal abuse in the name of “sport” ranked among global top 10 in the

The #FFtrends June 3

Bullfighting, bird hunting and other “sports” are pointing out on Twitter

The UK's leading charity campaign to end animal abuse in the name of “sport”, League Against Cruel Sports (@leagueacs), has been the number 6 in the global ranking and the second most FollowFriday's accounts in the United Kingdom.

The League was established in 1924 and works to expose and to end the cruelty inflicted on animals for “sport”, like bullfighting, bird hunting for fun etc. “We successfully use lawful investigations, campaigning and lobbying to make a difference in the UK and around the world”, according to the information in its website.

This institution has gained a lot of support from celebrities and public figures, including @Johnny_Marr, @AleshaOfficial and @TheRealKirstyG. Have a look at this video to know more about the League Against Cruel Sports.

Joe Jonas releases first solo single

The former Jonas Brothers Joe Jonas kicked off his solo career last Friday with the premiere of his highly anticipated first single, "See no More". @joejonas has been the number 9 in the celebrities ranking.

Jonas co-wrote the song with Chris Brown.”See no More” will be available for download on iTunes on June 13th while his solo album will arrive on September 6th. The lyrics is about a man's attempts to end a dysfunctional relationship. "I don't want to wait for you / I don't want to wake up thinking, hoping you'll get it right this time / Cause you know that you're so cold / I don't want to see no more...”.

The Mexican actress and singer Anahí makes her debut as a protagonist in a new soap opera

The Mexican actress and singer Anahí - known for her role in "Rebelde" (soap opera of great success inside and outside Latin America) - is now devoted to new projects. The singer just recorded the main theme for another soap opera in her country ("Dos Hogares"), which opens later this month and in which she will be the protagonist.

Her fans have positioned @anahi in the number 7 of the celebrities ranking and the number 6 in Mexico! We leave you a preview of the song "Dividida" and the soap opera.

The candidature of Cordoba (Spain) for the European Capital of Culture: trend in and Twitter

, the Twitter profile of the candidature of Cordoba (Spain) for the European Capital of Culture in 2016, has conquered the 18th on the worldwide ranking and the first in Spain. Last Friday the committee for selection of the candidates was in the city, prompting a citizen movement in the streets and on Twitter! Besides getting a good position in the ranking, the hashtag #cdb2016 was trend topic on Twitter last Friday.


  1. It is disappointing to see how many humans find pleasure in hurting other species. Sports should be redefined as something that is not cruel to anyone.

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