Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FollowFriday.com call for moderators program by countries

FollowFriday.com is a world ranking of Twitter organized by countries and languages. Like any ranking it’s interesting to be natural and free from manipulations. It is very hard to meet and get closer to every local community from our offices in Spain, in order to watch over the integrity of these rankings. Due to this, we have created a moderators program by countries to help us to look for the ideal people to become our link with the local community and watch over the quality of the recommended lists from every country.

Some countries have already their moderators. We’re grateful to them owe to their contribution and pioneer this initiative.

In this post, we want to explain some details about this program and launch this call to receive the candidatures by countries. Interested people can introduce their data in this form.

Moderator’s function

  • Keep the top100 of the ranking free from geolocation ‘mistakes’. Occasionally, our algorithm of geolocation fails because of corrupt or non-sense locations, in this case the moderator must inform us to correct the user’s location.
  • Notify the presence of users suspected of spam. FollowFriday.com is ready to automatically fight against many spamming techniques, but some can be only considered with a manual analysis. The moderator can warn us about these users and we will manually analyze his/her behaviour.
  • Identify users from the moderated country that doesn’t appear in the ranking. It is here where the local moderator may play an important role impossible for us without living in the country or knowing the community.
  • Redirect consults about the ranking. If there would be any doubt about the ranking or its rules, the moderator should redirect consults to any of our support channels.
  • Keep the community informed about news on the project. It’s not about advertise FollowFriday.com, but provide some information about news that may interest the community, such as changes into the rules or new features.

Moderator’s privileges

  • Outstanding profile on the ranking web from his/her country including direct Follow key.
  • Continuous information about Twitter accounts from local moderators from our Twitter accounts and blogs. We are very interested our moderators become influential members of his/her community and we will support him/her.
  • Media support within the organization of Official FollowFriday Events

Functions that moderators mustn’t assume

  • Moderators MUSTN’T mediate in quarrels about the ranking. If there would be any doubt about the ranking or its rules, the moderator should redirect consults to any of our support channels.
  • Moderators neither are not wage-earners at FollowFriday.com nor advertise themselves.

Moderator requirement

  • Owning a Twitter account.
  • Speaking fluently the language from the moderated country.
  • Living in the country of the moderated ranking (optional but desirable)
  • Active participation in FollowFriday tradition.
  • Leaving out any spam activity in Twitter, even so in FollowFriday.
  • Speaking fluent English or Spanish in order to communicate with our staff (optional but desirable).

If you are interested to become one of our moderators fill in the following form: