Thursday, September 15, 2011

New hashtag in the ranking: #shoutout

From today, the FollowFriday ranking starts to monitor a new hashtag: #shoutout, apart from the existing hashtags #ff, #followfriday, #cuate, #sigueelviernes and #vivaviernes. We’ve realized that a lot of people are using this hashtag as a way to recommend Twitter profiles.

The chart below -by @trendistic- shows that #shoutout (in yellow) is using for much more users than #followfriday. However, the most popular hashtag for recommending Twitter profiles is #FF!

As you can find out in the ranking rules, we count all tweets sent between Thursday 12:00 GMT and Saturday 12:00 GMT. The #followfriday tradition makes recommendations on Fridays but we needed to extend the period to part of Thursday and Saturday in order to monitor all the countries.