Thursday, April 14, 2011

Twitter suspends 6 e24apps Network applications [updated]

Updated 15/04/2011 18:05 (GMT+1):
Twitter has restored all the suspended applications. Users can authenticate, make reviews, thanks #followfridays, use FFhelper, etc.

From today, 14 April 2011 at 00:36 (GMT+1), Twitter Inc has suspended without notice 6 e24apps Network applications. We have contact Twitter Inc but there is no answer yet. Meanwhile, these 6 apps don’t work fully: users will be able to access to webs but they won’t be able to authenticate so they won’t be able to send tweets, follow users, create lists, or to use FFhelper and Myff.

The suspended applications are:

e24apps team does not understand this usual practice of Twitter with their ecosystem apps. In the past, e24apps was object of suspension (without notice and warnings too) due to the use of expression “Bulk follow” in some buttons. In this case, Twitter restored the API access when we changed it to the expression “Follow All”. A previous notification would have saved time and problems for Twitter, the users and us. There would have been also less uncertainty for the Twitter developers community which are trying to add value to Twitter network.

So, the access restore depends on Twitter Inc. e24pps will keep all their users up to date.

#FollowFriday all our patient users :)

Update 04/15/2011 01:40 (GMT+1)
Finally, Twitter answered us about the apps suspension. Twitter said that they notified us via email two months ago about one of the ads that we display in our network and doesn’t satisfy Twitter Terms Of Service.

However e24apps team didn’t receive any email about the suspension notice and, because of this, we didn’t remove this ad from our network. Now, we have already removed the ad and we are waiting for the apps restoration.

We’ll keep you informed with any news about the restoration.

Taking advantage of the communication with Twitter TOS team, we have verified that our brand new SocialBro app is aligned with the TOS Twitter.

We want to thanks all of you guys for your support. #followfriday to all of you :D