Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The 20 Twitter accounts from US most recommended in 2011

Below we show you the 20 accounts from US most recommended on Twitter this year. On January we will post the final world ranking!
  1. Lady Gaga @ladygaga
  2. Justin Bieber @justinbieber
  3. Adam Lambert @adamlambert
  4. Britney Spears @britneyspears
  5. Thalia @thalia
  6. Victoria Justice @victoriajustice
  7. Ariana Grande @arianagrande
  8. Charlie Sheen @charliesheen
  9. Barack Obama @barackobama
  10. Owl City @owlcity
  11. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em @souljaboy
  12. Colette Carr @colettecrazy
  13. @tomcruise
  14. Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano
  15. Rihanna @rihanna
  16. rob delaney @robdelaney
  17. Lüc Carl @luccarl
  18. Chris Brown @chrisbrown
  19. Jason Mewes @jaymewes
  20. Katy Perry @katyperry

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New hashtag in the ranking: #shoutout

From today, the FollowFriday ranking starts to monitor a new hashtag: #shoutout, apart from the existing hashtags #ff, #followfriday, #cuate, #sigueelviernes and #vivaviernes. We’ve realized that a lot of people are using this hashtag as a way to recommend Twitter profiles.

The chart below -by @trendistic- shows that #shoutout (in yellow) is using for much more users than #followfriday. However, the most popular hashtag for recommending Twitter profiles is #FF!

As you can find out in the ranking rules, we count all tweets sent between Thursday 12:00 GMT and Saturday 12:00 GMT. The #followfriday tradition makes recommendations on Fridays but we needed to extend the period to part of Thursday and Saturday in order to monitor all the countries.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sanaa Lathan: “FollowFriday is fascinating to see how the world has been bit by the tweeting bug”

She has been acting for over 15 years: “I've been very fortunate to has a variety of roles in theater, TV and cinema”. Sanaa Lathan (@justsanaa) has just finished a run of a new play by Pulitzer prize winning playwright Lynn Nottage, called “By the way, meet Vera Stark”, at Second Stage theater in New York.

Some of her more well-known movies are Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, Alien vs. Predator, Out of time and Something New. “I have a thriller coming out called Contagion, directed by Steven Soderbergh”. Sanaa Lathan is currently the voice of Donna on Fox's animated The Cleveland Show, nominated for an Emmy for the first time this year.

Sanaa told us, in this exclusive interview, that she has visited! “It’s fascinating to see how the world has been bit by the tweeting bug. It’s so cool to see what tweeters people are loving and a great place to find new people to follow”.

How and when did you start on Twitter and how many hours a day do you devote to this network?

I started on Twitter a couple of years ago and it took me a while to get used to it. I think I tweeted for a couple of months and the completely stopped for six months and then started up again. I'm a very private person so I had to figure out how I could tweet and maintain that.

What do you share on Twitter?

I tend to re-tweet messages that touch me or tweet things related to work. I'm probably a pretty boring tweeter. But that's the only way I'm comfortable.

We have seen that you interact a lot with your fans on Twitter. Do you enjoy it?

The fans are the best part of Twitter. They are constantly putting a smile on my face. I'm very appreciative of the continual love and support.

You don’t follow to much people on Twitter, so what is your criteria to follow on Twitter? We’d love to hear from you two or three tweeters recommendations.

I don't have a criteria for who I follow. I should probably follow more people. Lately I've been having fun with astrology. @astrologyzone is a good one if you're in to that. And I love @greatestquotes. They always have inspirational quotes that I love.

Monday, July 4, 2011

74-years-old American comedienne in the top #FF ranking

The #FFtrends July 1st

Ruth Ann Buzzi’s fans have positioned her in the 1st place of the celebs ranking

She is 74-years-old and since almost a year she’s on Twitter. The American comedienne and actress Ruth Ann Buzzi (@ruth_a_buzzi) has been the number 1 in the celebrities FollowFriday ranking, the 2nd globally and in the US ranking.

Ruth doesn't have too much followers or popularity such as others celebs like Lady Gaga (@ladygaga), for example (and she knows this! look at the tweet below), but has conquered an excellent place in the ranking.

Lisa Lampanelli (@lisalampanelli) recognized the merit of Ruth by writing:

The #FF recommendations that Ruth has received are funny like she is...

The actress is especially known for her performances on the comedy-variety show Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In from 1968 to 1973. You can see the video below, in which she appears with Frank Sinatra. LOL!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The John James Parton’s fans reviews

Some days ago we added the reviews stars next to each profile in the FollowFriday ranking, with the aim of enriching the profiles of our preferred tweeps. The idea of these comments is that the recommendations #FF don’t get lost in time like tears in the rain.

UK Big Brother contestant John James Parton (@uk_johnjames_oz) is one of the most popular users in the FollowFriday ranking in terms of reviews. His fans have done a lot of very nice comments about the Australian guy. Have a look at some of them...

Monday, June 27, 2011

A fundraising campaign on Twitter to make a horror film, on the top 10 ranking

The #FFtrends June 24

English filmmaker has the world record for the longest time tweeting without sleep

This past weekend the English filmmaker Ad Lane spent 60 hours tweeting live in front of a camera via streaming. The action was part of a campaign that Lane performed with the intention of raising funds to shoot his first film, "Invasion of the not quite dead," thanks to the fan donations.

The filmmaker's followers were quick to recognize his effort and recommended his account @indywoodFILMS using the hashtag #followfriday, positioning it in the number 6 of the global ranking (with 8877 points). The profile has won the 1st place in the UK ranking!

According to Ad Lane’s website, he has the world record for the longest time tweeting without sleep: 86 hours!

Since the beginning of his campaign on Twitter, in 2009, the filmmaker has raised over £40,000, “showing that fans (from 26 different countries) can bring as independent horror movie to life”. Awesome!

With the money, Lane could shoot the first part of "Invasion of the not quite dead" in Bulgaria (watch the teaser below). All FollowFriday team wish to Ad Lane good luck in the second half of the filming!

#FFtrends reviews!

Congratulations to @thalia’s and @uk_johnjames_oz’s fans for the reviews they have done!

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Kids are Heroes", number 1 of the worldwide ranking

The #FFtrends June 17

A non-profit organization launches a contest in Yo
uTube and gets the number one of the global ranking

We don’t know if it is thanks to a video contest via Youtube or if the reason is another, but the thing is that the U.S. organization "Kids are Heroes" is the number one of the ranking globally. @kidsareheroes has also achieved the ranking leadership in this country, with 23,078 points.

"The YouTube Challenge" consists in a contest in which the kids have to answer the question: How in my lifetime will I change the world?

“Kids are Heroes” is a non-profit that encourages and inspires children to become leaders through volunteerism and community involvement. On its website you can read:

"Our children are drilling water wells in Africa, helping orphans in India and building houses in Haiti. They recycle waste and care for the cleanliness of their neighborhoods, working with local animal shelters and improving the lives of their neighbors”. AWESOME!

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