Monday, June 27, 2011

A fundraising campaign on Twitter to make a horror film, on the top 10 ranking

The #FFtrends June 24

English filmmaker has the world record for the longest time tweeting without sleep

This past weekend the English filmmaker Ad Lane spent 60 hours tweeting live in front of a camera via streaming. The action was part of a campaign that Lane performed with the intention of raising funds to shoot his first film, "Invasion of the not quite dead," thanks to the fan donations.

The filmmaker's followers were quick to recognize his effort and recommended his account @indywoodFILMS using the hashtag #followfriday, positioning it in the number 6 of the global ranking (with 8877 points). The profile has won the 1st place in the UK ranking!

According to Ad Lane’s website, he has the world record for the longest time tweeting without sleep: 86 hours!

Since the beginning of his campaign on Twitter, in 2009, the filmmaker has raised over £40,000, “showing that fans (from 26 different countries) can bring as independent horror movie to life”. Awesome!

With the money, Lane could shoot the first part of "Invasion of the not quite dead" in Bulgaria (watch the teaser below). All FollowFriday team wish to Ad Lane good luck in the second half of the filming!

#FFtrends reviews!

Congratulations to @thalia’s and @uk_johnjames_oz’s fans for the reviews they have done!


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