Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The most admired users on Twitter

Yesterday we informed you that the reviews are now visible next to each profile and in all listings. Today we want to share with you who are the most 10 admired tweeters in the ranking, the ones that have more reviews published until now, thanks to their loyal fans!

  1. John James
    @uk_johnjames_oz (28 reviews)

  2. Dave Cook
    @nowgamer_dave (14 reviews)

  3. Coki Ramirez
    @cokiramirez (12 reviews)

  4. Josie Gibson
    @josiestweet (11 reviews)

  5. Lucero Hogaza
    @Lucero_Hogaza (9 reviews)

  6. Lady Gaga
    @ladygaga (9 reviews)

  7. Frank Cunha III
    @fc3arc (8 reviews)

  8. Cristobal Orellana
    @cristoboy (7 reviews)

  9. Myriam Montemayor
    @MyriamMonteCruz (6 reviews)

  10. Ciudad Bizarra
    @ciudadbizarra (5 reviews)

We also want you to know who are the most active users in the ranking, those who have done more reviews so far. We encourage you to do the same in your favorite tweeters' profiles.

  1. kama
    @oked_ (reviewed 32 users)

  2. Tina Gallinaro
    @tinagalli1 (reviewed 28 users)

  3. Mohd Zulhelmie
    @elmielmo (reviewed 17 users)

  4. Cuddly Corey
    @cuddlycorey (reviewed 16 users)

  5. John Williams
    @eurapart (reviewed 15 users)

  6. Mickie Carline
    @pagan_hare (reviewed 14 users)

  7. Taffy Williams
    @twilli2861 (reviewed 13 users)

  8. Antonio Ibarra
    @otono1 (reviewed 12 users)

  9. Costa Adeje
    @costa_adeje (reviewed 12 users)

  10. Sabrina Bollig
    @lilleyone (reviewed 11 users)