Monday, May 30, 2011

Indonesia’s Twitter Ghost becomes viral

The #FFtrends May 27

An urban legend from Indonesia, the 1st in the worldwide ranking - @poconggg is the account of an Indonesian "ghost" that got the top global ranking! Pocong is a mass phenomenon in this country that has become very popular on social media, especially on Twitter and Facebook. This “paranormal” has more than 370,000 followers in Twitter and he boasts over 26,000 fans on Facebook. In ranking, Pocong has won 28195 points!

Originally a frightening urban legend about a dead man trapped in their suit (have a look at his Twitter avatar!), this “ghost” is not an object of fear. The profile has been created just “for fun”. The popularity of the “ghost” will probably grow with news on his blog that Pocong will publish a book, and that he will mention his followers names in the book.

Last month the “paranormal” announced on Twitter that he would appear in a shopping mall in South Jakarta, and that people who wanted to be mentioned in his book should come and show their Twitter username on paper. The reaction was amazing! Draw your own conclusions.

The effort of Aiden Grimshaw’s fans - Last year the teenager Aiden Grimshaw was one of the finalists of “The X Factor”, a British television singing competition. His popularity remains high! His fans don’t measure efforts to promote his profile on Twitter: @Mr_Grimshaw has more than 250,000 followers and the account is the number 9 on the celebrities ranking. Congrats!

Barcelona versus Manchester United also on Twitter - Duel final Champions League between Barcelona and Manchester United also had their version on Twitter. The Catalan club won on the ranking too! @FCBarcelona_es is the number 7 on the celebrities ranking, and number 5 in Spain, while Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5), the most popular Marchester’s player on Twitter, is the number 10 on this ranking (and the number 3 in the UK ranking).

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