Friday, May 27, 2011

FFValidator: check if a recommendation is valid and how many points has gotten

Now you can check if a recommendation #followfriday is valid for the FollowFriday Ranking and how much it is worth for each recommended user, according to the new ranking rules. It is possible thanks to a new functionality that is available today in the FFValidator, which lies just below the ranking by language. The tool has been created as part of policy to ensure the transparency of the ranking.

To see if the tweet is valid and how many points the recommendation has gotten you need to use the tweet URL. You can click on the time that the tweet was posted to get the URL. To facilitate verification, you can drag "FFValidator Bookmarklet" to your browser's bookmark. You can also press the right mouse button and add the link to your bookmarks.

This is an example of a not valid recommendation for our ranking, because it is a retweet.

The FFValidator always gives an explanation why a recommendation has not been valid. Another example, but now a valid recommendation for the ranking. The two accounts have shared recommended total score tweet.

In the following case, there are six recommended profiles in one tweet, therefore the points are distributed equally to each of them.


  1. So if you get a username by clicking reply on a Tweet then give a single personal recomendation of why that tweep is worth following they score 1 point. If you go to your Thanks FFs tweetmaker, cut and paste 6 Tweeps change the FFs to #FF and add a reason for following they each get 13 points? Sorry I don't quite get how the new algorithim works?

  2. divasupermum, because FollowFriday is trying to encourage responsible recommendations are now penalising anyone who clicks on a Tweet to get the correct spelling of a Twitter username. Yet if they use any of the FollowFriday tools, like playing around with the auto generated Thanks Tweets, using cut and paste, these tweets convey more points. Even the recommend this person from FollowFriday requires nearly zero thought, yet gives that person 75 points and FollowFriday 75 points!
    FollowFriday have done lots of good in trying to get away from Happy #FF and a list of usernames or even worse, #FF and a list of usernames.

  3. como me puede servir esto para aumentar mi popularidad en twitter?