Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#FFtrends: new weekly section in our blog!

Today we are releasing a new section in our blog: #FFtrends! Each week we will post the news of the followfriday.com ranking, and we will discover what facts have led to its appearance among the most recommended in Twitter. The hashtag we have created (#FFtrends) will provide your tracking information every Friday.

Each Monday we will post a summary of relevant (and curious!) news relating to the previous Friday. You will find a sample of what we consider trends relating to #followfriday!

The #FFtrends May 20
  • 81-year-old man who thinks that Twitter is Google - @oldmansearch is supposedly an 81-year-old man who thinks that Twitter is Google. His account isn't even a month old and he's amassed almost 100,000 followers. At least a curious profile that has conquered the 13th on the followfriday.com worldwide ranking and the 7th on English ranking.

  • The “gleeks” and their #followfriday campaign - The fans of Glee (a musical television series that airs on Fox), commonly referred to as "gleeks", made a kind of campaign via his Twitter account (@UltimateGleeks) to get a good followfriday.com ranking position. The claim was “Win two vip Meet & greet tickets to any #GLEE LIVE tour stop of your choice?”. And to participate the user had to tweet: #FF @UltimateGleeks for the BEST #GLEE News & Giveaways! They did very well! @UltimateGleeks is the number 4 on the global followfriday.com ranking and the number 2 on English ranking.

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