Thursday, September 15, 2011

New hashtag in the ranking: #shoutout

From today, the FollowFriday ranking starts to monitor a new hashtag: #shoutout, apart from the existing hashtags #ff, #followfriday, #cuate, #sigueelviernes and #vivaviernes. We’ve realized that a lot of people are using this hashtag as a way to recommend Twitter profiles.

The chart below -by @trendistic- shows that #shoutout (in yellow) is using for much more users than #followfriday. However, the most popular hashtag for recommending Twitter profiles is #FF!

As you can find out in the ranking rules, we count all tweets sent between Thursday 12:00 GMT and Saturday 12:00 GMT. The #followfriday tradition makes recommendations on Fridays but we needed to extend the period to part of Thursday and Saturday in order to monitor all the countries.


  1. Automatically you restrict of using hashtag #shouout by the 50 units! You have not to discriminate any open & common purpose Chat! That is not a good Twitter practice!

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