Thursday, December 30, 2010

The 50 most recommended twitter accounts from USA in 2010

Below we show you the 50 accounts most recommended on Twitter using the common hash-tags of tradition (#followfriday, #ff, etc..). On January we will post the final world ranking!

The 50 most recommended twitter accounts from USA

  1. Erin Sanders

  2. District Lines

  3. Justin Bieber

  4. Nicholas Joseph

  5. Tyler Oakley

  6. Lady Gaga


  8. Brad from BradsDeals

  9. Owl City

  10. Thalia

  11. Alyssa Milano

  12. Soulja Boy

  13. Matthew Inman

  14. Britney Spears

  15. Barack Obama

  16. Jason Mewes

  17. Adam Lambert

  18. Chris Brown

  19. YouTube

  20. Donnie Wahlberg

  21. Eight O'Clock Coffee

  22. Kris Yeager

  23. ian somerhalder

  24. Rihanna

  25. Snow Tha Product

  26. Hayley Williams

  27. Jared Leto

  28. Noel Schajris

  29. joeygiggles

  30. Capndesdes!

  31. Pete Cashmore

  32. RecognitioN

  33. Twitter

  34. Ellen DeGeneres

  35. kevin jonas

  36. Carmen Aub

  37. Jac Vanek

  38. Carolina Guillen

  39. Kim Kardashian

  40. Conan O'Brien

  41. P!nk

  42. 30secondstomars

  43. Willy Martin

  44. nicolas riera

  45. Roque Valero

  46. Ariaa Jaeger

  47. jimmy fallon

  48. Nick Jonas

  49. Selena Gomez

  50. Rene Perez Joglar

The next friday is the last one of the year! Make your last followfridays to your best friends on Twitter!
Merry christmas and a happy new year!!


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