Monday, December 27, 2010

The 50 most recommended people on Twitter in 2010

2011 is coming so it's time to summarize along 2010. We have selected the 50 most recommended people with #followfriday (or other similar hash-tags) based on annual history. In this list just appears people, omitting corporative accounts, fan clubs and non personal accounts. We have one more friday in 2010 so we'll post the global ranking the next week. Also we'll publish the annual ranking for the most active countries in the #followfriday tradition.

The 50 most recommended people on Twitter in 2010

  1. Rio Ferdinand

  2. Erin Sanders

  3. Ryan Babel

  4. Justin Bieber



  6. Anahi

  7. Jordan Jansen

  8. Nicholas Joseph


  9. Tyler Oakley

  10. Lady Gaga

  11. Antonio Perera

  12. Sébastien Lefebvre

  13. Juan Abellan

  14. Lil maneian

  15. Jeff Stinco

  16. Diego Poggi

  17. César Muñoz

  18. Daddy Yankee

  19. Nicki Minaj


  20. Georgie Thompson

  21. Alejandro Sanz

  22. Owl City

  23. Thalia

  24. Maria Eugenia Suarez

  25. Kalipolis

  26. Lali Esposito

  27. Chuck Comeau

  28. Jay McGuiness

  29. Dulce Maria

  30. Alyssa Milano

  31. Ricky Martin

  32. Peter Lanzani

  33. Soulja Boy

  34. Luis Chataing

  35. Matthew Inman

  36. Britney Spears

  37. JLS

  38. Barack Obama

  39. Jason Mewes

  40. Jose Pulgar

  41. Esteban Chávez Frías

  42. Carole BLANCOT

  43. Viktor ✔

  44. Alfredo Del Mazo

  45. Patricia Bermudez


  46. Cristina Fernandez

  47. Mister Chip (Alexis)

  48. Adam Lambert

  49. Pablo Tomaselli

  50. Gabriel levinas
Remember that we have an extra friday in 2010. If you think that some of your followers should be in this annual ranking, don't forget recommend them. It doesn't matter that the next friday is 31, you have a lot of options to schedule your recommendations and fully enjoy your parties

Merry christmas and a happy new year!!


  1. @ap_the_rebel should have been on there he got alot of #ff more then some of the people on this top 50 list... real

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