Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why you should fill out your followfriday profile has one of the biggest databases of active Twitter users (> 6 million and growing by 300,000 weekly). A good reason to update your profile is to appear correctly categorized and geolocated in our directory. When you appear in the correct country and language rankings it is a good opportunity for you to be followed by your country and city neighbors.

After you sign up on you can edit your country, city and language and you can also add 3 categories which complement your bio information. These categories are used by our search engine when someone searches by keywords. Once again it is another good opportunity to expose your profile and be found and followed by users of your sector.

The number of users who send followfriday shoutouts using our tools increases every week. For the last couple of weeks when you recommend someone using the “recommend” option we automatically complete the tweet with the user categories. This way your potential followers know your sector and interests which is good for both the recommender and the recommended.

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